When Modern Doctors Want Social Media Clout: Award-Winning Dr Tracy P Alloway Disparaging Mentally Ill Clients Publicly in 2022

I’m sadly sharing screenshots and videos from a recent experience with @drtracyalloway on social media. I encountered a video outright mocking mentally ill CLIENTS. My jaw dropped and my heart sunk, it happens enough from outside sources we didn’t need more from the doctors we’re actively seeking help from.

That’s the case though and when called out, Alloway shut down any chance of an apology with deleting the videos and hoping to ride it out. As a therapist, you would think her actions would be seeking accountability — quite the opposite sadly. For all her awards, books, and TED talks, her true opinions towards this very marginalized community shone in this moment.

@thekeybykate#stitch with @thekeybykate mental health community gets enough hits from everyone they didn’t need a DOCTOR doing so as well thanks for the block tho babe as a therapist that’s the mature choice I think instead of accountability 💀 #drtracyalloway#doctorfails♬ original sound – thekeybykate 🔑 htx

I even messaged her letting her know many people saw her video and that they informed me she was why they don’t seek therapy, doctors like her making clients their punchlines. That she took an oath to protect us.

That fell on deaf ears, or should I say “blocked” ones. On all platforms she hid from accountability and so I leave it here to the internet.

Here’s what happened. Make your own choices on whether you’d take medical advice from this “professional” Dr Tracy Alloway

Tracy dear, my doctor would never. Shame.

IG Stories sharing live updates of calling out inappropriate behavior for a doctor.
She blocked me instead of responding here.
At a certain point she deleted them after liking instagram comments on her original video mocking ill clients all morning. For that reason it didn’t feel like she cared at all about her negative impact, only being called out online so the video was deleted.

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  1. Wow, this is really sickening. Even in jest, this is still in bad taste. I am shocked to see Dr Tracy Alloway make jokes at the expense of clients, of people who have come seeking help. How absolutely disgusting that she would post this so proudly to her social media accounts where tens of thousands of people will see it. Where it could literally ruin the day for tens of thousands of people or more. A therapist making fun of people that are seeking mental health help sounds like the set up to some wild joke, but the only joke here is Dr Tracy Alloway.

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