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About Kate

Hey y’all! My name is Kate Lauer and I run The Key by Kate.

What started as a “how-to” Instagram and blog surrounding my work on a clothing sales platform online has become even more for me.


Q. When did blogging + content creation change from a side hustle to a true occupation?

A. October 2019

Q. When did your original site launch?

A. 07.31.18 was the original launch of my previous blog, which was primarily focused on my Poshmark business and analyzing trends in resale.

Q. Why the new site then?

A. I learned more about the process and what I wanted to share with the world. I decided on a more well-equipped site like wordpress for handling my needs! While I saved all my old Poshmark related posts to my computer, I wanted to move forward to a larger, broader focus. I hope this new site allows me a fresh start to do so!