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When Modern Doctors Want Social Media Clout: Award-Winning Dr Tracy P Alloway Disparaging Mentally Ill Clients Publicly in 2022

I’m sadly sharing screenshots and videos from a recent experience with @drtracyalloway on social media. I encountered a video outright mocking mentally ill CLIENTS. My jaw dropped and my heart sunk, it happens enough from outside sources we didn’t need more from the doctors we’re actively seeking help from.

That’s the case though and when called out, Alloway shut down any chance of an apology with deleting the videos and hoping to ride it out. As a therapist, you would think her actions would be seeking accountability — quite the opposite sadly. For all her awards, books, and TED talks, her true opinions towards this very marginalized community shone in this moment.

@thekeybykate#stitch with @thekeybykate mental health community gets enough hits from everyone they didn’t need a DOCTOR doing so as well thanks for the block tho babe as a therapist that’s the mature choice I think instead of accountability 💀 #drtracyalloway#doctorfails♬ original sound – thekeybykate 🔑 htx

I even messaged her letting her know many people saw her video and that they informed me she was why they don’t seek therapy, doctors like her making clients their punchlines. That she took an oath to protect us.

That fell on deaf ears, or should I say “blocked” ones. On all platforms she hid from accountability and so I leave it here to the internet.

Here’s what happened. Make your own choices on whether you’d take medical advice from this “professional” Dr Tracy Alloway

Tracy dear, my doctor would never. Shame.

IG Stories sharing live updates of calling out inappropriate behavior for a doctor.
She blocked me instead of responding here.
At a certain point she deleted them after liking instagram comments on her original video mocking ill clients all morning. For that reason it didn’t feel like she cared at all about her negative impact, only being called out online so the video was deleted.

Local in Houston: THRIVE with The Key!

ThrIVe Drip Spa , HTX Memorial Location

Note: This is an unpaid and unsponsored review. After sharing my experience on IG I was kindly offered a discount for a future session, something the business advertised in the spa as well for patrons posting to their socials with a brand tag. All sponsored reviews will be disclosed on this website for transparency. Furthermore, I want to state once before this post that I will speak for myself, my experiences, and not as a doctor or as someone who can dictate others health choices. Do consult your healthcare professionals with any specific-to-you questions.

This (Past) Week’s Trip

Located about a mile from big Houston landmark Lakewood Church, lies a sweet lil spa ThrIVe Drip Spa. Now this isn’t your average spa, friend. This is a *drip spa* so its actually targeting infusion therapy, cryotherapy, and more wellness based treatments. Feeling worse for the wear with chronic stomach problems and keeping down water a week or two ago, I sought out a solution that’s worked for me historically in hospital stays: IV treatments.

I felt a bit nervous about the cost at first to be honest here. I don’t throw money like this down with ease, by any means. With my personal desperation at an all time high though and seeing the spa treatments list online, I opted to go for it anyways. So I booked an appointment same day for later that afternoon, and soon enough my hubby and I made our way to the spa.

I filled out a quick info sheet (only done by first timers), and was given some complimentary emesis bags before heading back to the drip area. Kudos to whoever designed the drip space because the blue faux daylight lighting felt so calming and peaceful, and the furniture setup with pillows and blanket offered lots of comfort.

A Look at the Spa in Photo Form

IV Drip Takeaways

After taking blood pressure and checking where I had best veins, I was poked in the wrist (not a normal location as far as I know I have deep veins) and set up for an IV drip for nausea and hydration.

The actual name of the treatment I tried was technically the “Party Drip” which I chose for its components including Toradol (anti-inflammatory), Zofran (anti-nausea), Electrolytes, and 1 L of Fluids.

Zofran is actually something I’ve taken via prescription pills and via hospital IVs in the past and so I was aware it’s a successful medical tool for me. I think between that and the hydration my body had been lacking, I really became a different person within 15 minutes of a drip. My color came back and I found a lot of relief.

Now my biggest takeaway? IV drips do the most when you feel physically rough, and do the least when you’re feeling your best naturally. So if you’re feeling great, perhaps save your drip spa day for a migraine day or when you’re dealing with a rough hangover. See their website for more helpful options here!

As a final reminder, any concerns or questions specific to your health should be discussed with your own healthcare professional. I can only speak for my (wonderful) experience!

Spa Takeaways

Honestly, I would do this again for sure in the future if I felt peak rough. I would like to point out the employees at the spa especially, as I felt very cared for throughout the visit. Down to getting a yummy chocolate granola style bar when I looked pale coming in, and the staff adjusting the temperature for comfort, the staff clearly cared for each client. It didn’t hurt having Project Runway in the background either, for fellow fashionistas looking into this (there was football on another tv too if thats more your jam). See below video for my immediate reaction to the experience!

All of this said, I truly enjoyed the considerate comforts of the spa to make getting poked feel less rough, and truly loved the IV effects. I’d give the spa treatment 5/5 stars for sure!

To sum up my spa takeaways, I wanted to share my review for ThrIVe that was shared to Instagram immediately after the experience.

ThrIVe Drip Spa Instagram

Other ThrIVe Contact Info (source)

Shopping Local in Houston: By The Key by Kate

Home Source Furniture , HTX Warehouse Showroom Location

Note: This is an unpaid and unsponsored review. All sponsored reviews will be disclosed on this website for transparency.

As an over-planner meets creative kind of soul, the concept of a first home where I can knock down walls, paint away, and take it a few steps further to personalize it slightly terrifies me. (Background info for those not following our housing search on insta, we should be *fingers crossed* closing at some point next month)

I hope the new place manages to reflect our style in an inviting way. I’d love for others to feel at home when they’re spending time with us too.

Heres where the fun part happens: I’m trying to learn more about whats out in the home design world in 2021. As an amateur especially, I want to familiarize myself with pricing, styles, and aesthetics that feel personal to my husband and me. Arming yourself with knowledge is the first step to any major project (especially, lets be frank, pricier ones).

This Week’s Trip

This week we ventured to the warehouse showroom location of Home Source Furniture (they have two locations total in Houston). A family owned business, the store felt extremely comforting and professional from the second you walk into the front space.

We checked out the main front area, a little more showroom style overall and staged to inspire potential furniture or aesthetic combinations. Personally I was quite drawn to the iron and wood based pieces as we peeked around. I can absolutely see incorporating those two materials quite a bit into our ideal home.

Next up was the back warehouse, a much larger space full of treasures to explore. I think we spent most of our time back here just to be sure we didn’t miss anything interesting, even circling back around once quickly to double check before heading out. Dress for warmish temps for the shopping trip, they do an incredible job cooling such a large warehouse space with tons of fans; though after getting through the back area I felt glad I wore short sleeves and left the light jacket at home!

Favorite Pieces in Photo Form

Design Takeaways

Rounded Edges

Think arched mirrors, soft rounded edges to chairs and couches, and rounded console lines

Midcentury Inspired

Taking cues from a particularly stylish time, kept modern with neutral colors

Scandinavian Chic

Minimalism meets bringing nature indoors in chic, simple ways. Their painted oak side tables in black and white captured my heart for sure

Store Takeaways

The biggest takeaway we had after leaving: come back with measurements for the home and a measuring tape for shop furniture with the ability to purchase on the spot when we find the right item. After shopping here, we feel certain we will want to furnish a fair amount of our home with their pieces over time. The quality seems incredible, pricing fair, and selection truly impressive from a range of global imports. Shop locally and find unique pieces?

Yeah, consider me a fan!

As of September 25, 2021 credit via

Home Source Instagram

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