Taking a chance to say my physical health has declined of late, so I took some time off socials and my blog to focus on time for doctors visits. While still not feeling tip top here, I do feel like I miss the community and fun with content. I’ll be slowly weaving the content work back into my day to day life — and I look forward to sharing more with you again starting now!

Some bigger moments from the last few months have been shopping for my body type changing from being plus size to a more midsize body type. I’ve been dealing with the health issues, as noted earlier here. Also, I lost a close loved one and have been spending a lot of my time away from socials just healing best I can. Healing looks like finding joy in the everyday the best I can, so thats been the goal lately.

After regrouping I resumed some normalcy with you all on instagram and tiktok, but now its time to come back to my one of my favorite places – the key blog!