Shopping Local in Houston: By The Key by Kate

Home Source Furniture , HTX Warehouse Showroom Location

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As an over-planner meets creative kind of soul, the concept of a first home where I can knock down walls, paint away, and take it a few steps further to personalize it slightly terrifies me. (Background info for those not following our housing search on insta, we should be *fingers crossed* closing at some point next month)

I hope the new place manages to reflect our style in an inviting way. I’d love for others to feel at home when they’re spending time with us too.

Heres where the fun part happens: I’m trying to learn more about whats out in the home design world in 2021. As an amateur especially, I want to familiarize myself with pricing, styles, and aesthetics that feel personal to my husband and me. Arming yourself with knowledge is the first step to any major project (especially, lets be frank, pricier ones).

This Week’s Trip

This week we ventured to the warehouse showroom location of Home Source Furniture (they have two locations total in Houston). A family owned business, the store felt extremely comforting and professional from the second you walk into the front space.

We checked out the main front area, a little more showroom style overall and staged to inspire potential furniture or aesthetic combinations. Personally I was quite drawn to the iron and wood based pieces as we peeked around. I can absolutely see incorporating those two materials quite a bit into our ideal home.

Next up was the back warehouse, a much larger space full of treasures to explore. I think we spent most of our time back here just to be sure we didn’t miss anything interesting, even circling back around once quickly to double check before heading out. Dress for warmish temps for the shopping trip, they do an incredible job cooling such a large warehouse space with tons of fans; though after getting through the back area I felt glad I wore short sleeves and left the light jacket at home!

Favorite Pieces in Photo Form

Design Takeaways

Rounded Edges

Think arched mirrors, soft rounded edges to chairs and couches, and rounded console lines

Midcentury Inspired

Taking cues from a particularly stylish time, kept modern with neutral colors

Scandinavian Chic

Minimalism meets bringing nature indoors in chic, simple ways. Their painted oak side tables in black and white captured my heart for sure

Store Takeaways

The biggest takeaway we had after leaving: come back with measurements for the home and a measuring tape for shop furniture with the ability to purchase on the spot when we find the right item. After shopping here, we feel certain we will want to furnish a fair amount of our home with their pieces over time. The quality seems incredible, pricing fair, and selection truly impressive from a range of global imports. Shop locally and find unique pieces?

Yeah, consider me a fan!

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