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ThrIVe Drip Spa , HTX Memorial Location

Note: This is an unpaid and unsponsored review. After sharing my experience on IG I was kindly offered a discount for a future session, something the business advertised in the spa as well for patrons posting to their socials with a brand tag. All sponsored reviews will be disclosed on this website for transparency. Furthermore, I want to state once before this post that I will speak for myself, my experiences, and not as a doctor or as someone who can dictate others health choices. Do consult your healthcare professionals with any specific-to-you questions.

This (Past) Week’s Trip

Located about a mile from big Houston landmark Lakewood Church, lies a sweet lil spa ThrIVe Drip Spa. Now this isn’t your average spa, friend. This is a *drip spa* so its actually targeting infusion therapy, cryotherapy, and more wellness based treatments. Feeling worse for the wear with chronic stomach problems and keeping down water a week or two ago, I sought out a solution that’s worked for me historically in hospital stays: IV treatments.

I felt a bit nervous about the cost at first to be honest here. I don’t throw money like this down with ease, by any means. With my personal desperation at an all time high though and seeing the spa treatments list online, I opted to go for it anyways. So I booked an appointment same day for later that afternoon, and soon enough my hubby and I made our way to the spa.

I filled out a quick info sheet (only done by first timers), and was given some complimentary emesis bags before heading back to the drip area. Kudos to whoever designed the drip space because the blue faux daylight lighting felt so calming and peaceful, and the furniture setup with pillows and blanket offered lots of comfort.

A Look at the Spa in Photo Form

IV Drip Takeaways

After taking blood pressure and checking where I had best veins, I was poked in the wrist (not a normal location as far as I know I have deep veins) and set up for an IV drip for nausea and hydration.

The actual name of the treatment I tried was technically the “Party Drip” which I chose for its components including Toradol (anti-inflammatory), Zofran (anti-nausea), Electrolytes, and 1 L of Fluids.

Zofran is actually something I’ve taken via prescription pills and via hospital IVs in the past and so I was aware it’s a successful medical tool for me. I think between that and the hydration my body had been lacking, I really became a different person within 15 minutes of a drip. My color came back and I found a lot of relief.

Now my biggest takeaway? IV drips do the most when you feel physically rough, and do the least when you’re feeling your best naturally. So if you’re feeling great, perhaps save your drip spa day for a migraine day or when you’re dealing with a rough hangover. See their website for more helpful options here!

As a final reminder, any concerns or questions specific to your health should be discussed with your own healthcare professional. I can only speak for my (wonderful) experience!

Spa Takeaways

Honestly, I would do this again for sure in the future if I felt peak rough. I would like to point out the employees at the spa especially, as I felt very cared for throughout the visit. Down to getting a yummy chocolate granola style bar when I looked pale coming in, and the staff adjusting the temperature for comfort, the staff clearly cared for each client. It didn’t hurt having Project Runway in the background either, for fellow fashionistas looking into this (there was football on another tv too if thats more your jam). See below video for my immediate reaction to the experience!

All of this said, I truly enjoyed the considerate comforts of the spa to make getting poked feel less rough, and truly loved the IV effects. I’d give the spa treatment 5/5 stars for sure!

To sum up my spa takeaways, I wanted to share my review for ThrIVe that was shared to Instagram immediately after the experience.

ThrIVe Drip Spa Instagram

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