HTX Picnic: Girly Aesthetic 2023 Party

MAN I feel like a woman! Ow ow!

A friend put on a picnic locally for the gals and when I say this is the MUST TRY activity for summer I mean it!

What was so fun you may be wondering? Valid.

We loved:

  • mini paint setups for each of us
  • personalized scrunchies w our names on them
  • bracelet making area with beads and such – some girls made water bottle keychains too
  • portable speaker for music (Taylor Swift anyone?)
  • ~aesthetic~ styling throughout incl. cozy floor blankets, fresh flowers, hot pink candles, gold mirrors and more accessories too

And most importantly?

  • meeting new people! We all met new girls and some of us are even going to be in a book club together!

Moral of the story: this was the easiest girly summer funtime to try with friends

If you’re thinking Ah I don’t know many girls!? I don’t either! I knew one girl coming into this and came out with many new friends we deserve gal pals babe!

In HTX? Contact @atouchofpearlsshop on instagram for more!

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