2 New Ways to Use Disco Balls!

I’m a disco ball babe for sure — the way the light hits is magical. They tend to be inexpensive BUT big impact. Now that being said when putting them all into my design I wanted to consider a fresh way to incorporate them! 

IDEA 1- Inside a Lantern >> After using this lantern for holiday decor this year (filled with ornaments) I wanted to transition it to a year-long friendly decor idea. I remembered an extra disco ball I had upstairs and voila! It certainly lights up the lantern — which is a fantastic interpretation of lantern lighting!

IDEA 2- Mini Disco Balls in a Faux Flower Vase >> Done instead of rocks glass beads or faux soil, I love the idea of the small sparkles surrounding the stems. When using a glass vase they really look beautiful up close and far away especially as they catch light! Glass beads eat your heart out you are no match for baby disco balls.

Would you try either of these? LMK below and tell me which you like better while you’re here! 

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