First of all whatever I’ve been doing is wrong — I so rarely wash my brushes and sponges (and usually wind up just buying new sponges which isn’t sustainable let’s be honest).

So when I watched a video yesterday showing bacteria on your brushes and sponges 🧽 I realized I WANT TO FIX THIS 🤮 ASAP

How often is necessary to clean brushes?

A quick google search informed me ~ about weekly is a good idea for cleaning them!

Also worth noting IT cosmetics site mentions “Depending on the quality and the care you show them, makeup brushes can last anywhere from a year to a decade. However, many need replacement every three to five years”

Knowing I’m already a gremlin and haven’t cleaned mine weekly feel free to drop how often you’ve been washing and if you plans to wash more after hearing this! 🫶🏻

Any tips for cleaning them? Drop them below too!

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